Transportation Fueled with Technology - with Transtrade from Sanghvi Group.

Transtrade is a revolutionised transport industry with advanced digital solutions. The way B-2-B transportation works is going to see a huge change in the coming years, and at Transtrade, we are glad that we are going to lead this change.

Transtrade is based on an aggregator model. We match the shippers with their desired transporters and vice versa. Built by a team of industry experts, this innovative system has been envisioned to be the one-stop solution for all kinds of transportation needs of the industry. In this one-of-a-kind transportation ecosystem, we bring for you transportation services that extend all over the country and also support interstate and inter-region transportation.

Transtrade is a unique amalgamation of technology and business and holds the power to propel a business towards greater heights. We invite you to explore our services, drop an inquiry about it, and avail the benefits of this unique opportunity.

Sanghvi Group

It was an ending 19th century for Kolhapur under British sovereign when Sanghvi Group had been established. The year was 1890, In a span of 130 years - 6th generations of Sanghvi ancestors are advancing the group in a great success.

Sanghvi group has excelled in various business divisions like Construction, Exports, investment Business, Gold and Silver trade and recently has come up with a Transportation start up named TransTrade.

Sanghvi group is known for its unmatched service in all sectors, and with Transtrade, it is all set to lead the Trucking transportation industry towards new horizons. Transtrade inculcates the same trust, innovation, and quality that the Sanghvi group is known for.

Transtrade has been initiated by Sanghvi Group, which has now become a well-known name in the transportation industry. Sanghvi group is now known for its unmatched service in the transportation sector, and with Transtrade, it is all set to lead the transportation industry towards new horizons. Transtrade inculcates the same trust, innovation, and quality that the Sanghvi group is known for.

The Transtrade Leadership

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Lalit Sanghvi

MD Sanghvi Group

He is the chairperson of Sanghvi Group businesses which are, Sanghvi builders and developers, Shelaji Vanaji Sanghvi exports and Sanghvi Trantrade Pvt. Ltd. He is a visionary and a leader. He has been creating products from ideas, along with constantly moving the organisation forward. Lalit Sanghvi is involved with various Jain temples and is the convener of the prestigious Jirawala Parshwanath Tirth in Rajasthan. He has also been the secretory and treasurer at Residency Club, Kolhapur.

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Deep Sanghvi

Co-founder Transtrade

Deep is known for his zeal and dedication, and one can see this in his enthusiasm for marathons. As a founding member of Transtrade, he is in charge of bulk movement operations, finance decisions, software development and is enthusiastic about brainstorming on new business development plans. He’s an IIPM graduate, a travel enthusiast and has numerous marathons to his credit, along with Ironman 70.3. Deep is also actively involved with Credai, Kolhapur.

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Yash Sanghvi

Co-founder Transtrade

Yash finds the journey of establishing a tech-driven institution immensely captivating - he is a MIT graduate from Pune university and is passionate about solving complex problems. Along with being involved in all areas of the business, he supervises all the operations and financials of Transtrade. He specialises in planning and expansion of the business, while creating various future business potentials for the company.

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Devika Sanghvi


Devika is a firm believer of cultivating diverse and progressive culture at work. She is a meritorious Biotechnology Engineer from KIT and holds an MSc. specialising in Marketing from Kingston university, London. She has guided various teams at Sanghvi Group in business development, marketing and technology development. She has a passion for sustainable agriculture and lives by the quote - “There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

Transtrade Key People
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R. S. Patil

Chief Technology Officer

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Ranveer Gaekwad

Head of Operations

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Manisha Padalkar

Cheif Financial Officer

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Kishore Nathgosavi

Head of Payments

Transtrade Team

Working effortlessly to fulfill industry needs

Transtrade boasts of a highly dynamic, dedicated, and skilled team of industry experts, marketers, and service professionals. Our aim is to provide the best-in-class service and a hassle-free digital experience to our users.